Sunday 26 June 2011

Norfolk Dragonfly action

Spent the day around the Norfolk broads with Kev Du Rose. Being the first hot, sunny day in a while, everywhere was hooching with Dragonflies. Our first site secured us excellent views of Downy Emeralds though they just never landed for photos.

In the afternoon we moved on to find Norfolk Hawkers and Swallowtail Butterfly- just one of the latter made an appearance but the Hawkers put on a fine display (bottom two photos). Also seen were several Four-spotted Chasers (top photo) and Scarce Chasers (second photo).

Sunday 12 June 2011

Night Heron

An excellent find for Bob Titman at Bainton GP this morning, Mike Weedon and I were quick on the scene and enjoyed a couple of hours trying to get prelonged views of this bird as it fed along the Maxey Cut. These shots are just grab shots taken in the pouring rain.

My 227th species in the PBC area (I think!) and my 205th in the Deepings area.

Wednesday 8 June 2011

White-throated Robin

When a bird hits the national news in such a big way, you know you should probably go for it before your non birding friends and family start asking you embarrassing questions like "Have you been for that Robin in Hartlepool?"

To avoid such questions Kev Du Rose and I made our way to the White-throated Robin this morning and joined the elbowing crowds on a small balcony over looking a garden. The views were okay but hardly enjoyable.

Sitting it out for the early part of the afternoon by the bowling green proofed hugely rewarding though with views of the bird down to four metres and at times crowds down to four as well (which for a third for Britain on the mainland on it's third day, is pretty exceptional!).

Considering the effort I made when in Turkey, back in the day, to see this species it was amazing to see it wandering about under cars on Olive Street!