Monday 30 August 2021

White-tailed Lapwing in East Yorkshire

Back in June 2007 a White-tailed Lapwing turned up in Caerlaverock WWT in Dumfriesshire. It was only there a few days before moving to Lancashire for another seven days but I caught up with it in Scotland with a couple of mates. At the time it was the first since 1984 and only the fourth for Britain- a once in a generation mega so it seemed.

However, there have been a few records since then, most notably a wide ranging individual in 2010 and then earlier this year one appeared briefly in Kent. Presumably this bird has now found itself in East Yorkshire at Blacktoft Sands RSPB. Today Dad and I visited as my view from 2007 was hardly memorable, being a mile range, and Dad hadn't seen one before. 

Elusive to begin with, it put on a real show. Perhaps just out of proper range for my set up but nevertheless I can not complain after the views I had in 2007. Another great bird of 2021. 


Sunday 15 August 2021

Gothic Peregrines

More of the Stamford Peregrines from the past few days. The juveniles are ranging widely now and getting better at silent hunting but often drop their prey when they make a kill and end up losing it. This leads to lots of screaming but at least they are hunting for themselves now. Plenty of pretty buildings for them to sit on. The ledge the juvenile was on also had five Pigeons on- it chased them on foot, flushing them, for them to only fly back on the same ledge!

Thursday 5 August 2021

Family of Peregrines


Lovely evening with Amy and Mike Weedon in Stamford, yesterday. The family of Peregrines continue to show well around the many churches of the town. Definitely late to the party this year but next year hopefully they will return for more enchanting encounters!