Saturday 23 February 2019

Red-throated Diver find

Having had a bit of an exhausting day I nearly didn't go Deeping Highbank way home this afternoon. I'm glad I did as I stumbled upon my third ever local Red-throated Diver (and my first Diver find of any flavour locally). Usually coastal in the winter, presumably this morning's fog caught this beast off guard. It was very obliging and calling frequently. Having found it at 15.35, after a preen, a flap and bathe it flew off upstream at around 16.25 and despite an extensive search I couldn't relocate it.

Thursday 14 February 2019

Cattle Egrets

We have been a bit slow in going for the three Cattle Egrets near Ramsey in Cambridgeshire. Turns out they are pretty showy and in the Peterborough recording area- though only by a few metres!

Sunday 10 February 2019


From the above photos of two coastal species, you can believe Peterborough was by the sea this weekend. The Common Scoter was found by Hugh Wright  today (Sunday 10th) Maxey Gravel Pits-a good month before we usually get inland Scoters as the move between the Seven and Wash.

The Common Seal was found by my Dad on January 1st from a moving car at the Dog in a Doublet, near Whittlesey. At the time we were partaking in a 'big day' (seeing as many species of bird as possible in a day) we had no time to stop. Over a month later this marine animal is still seemingly enjoying life over 25 miles inland.

Wednesday 6 February 2019

Waxwing overload

A 'few' more photos from Saturday of Werrington's current celeb Scandinavian Pretty Boys.

Sunday 3 February 2019

Marsh Harrier roost

A pretty reasonably weekend. Saw the 15 White-fronts found by Josh at Baston & Langtoft GP, photographed the Waxwings in Werrington and had 5 Long-eared Owls at Deeping Lakes. Finished Sunday with the Harrier roost at Titchwell- incredible scenes, 38 Marsh Harriers in the air together. With others arriving afterwards, there were easily 50 birds. Plus two Hen Harriers and a Woodcock feeding in the undergrowth on the walk back to the car (the first time I have seen one actually feeding!).

Waxwing lyrical

The pair of Waxwings in Werrington were found by John Saunders on Monday but became more elusive on Thursday and Friday so it was great to hear from John on Saturday (02.02.19) to say they were still present. Incredibly confiding and proved popular with Joe Public and birders alike. As ever, click for bigger images.