Tuesday 21 May 2024

Deeping Lakes Black Tern flock

Been a spell since a flock of Black Terns has graced Deeping Lakes, which was such a good site for this stunning passage bird, back in the day. This flock of six birds spent the afternoon of the 11th May on East Pit, until dusk. 

Friday 3 May 2024

Arctic Terns at Deeping Lakes

It's been the best spring for inland Arctic Tern migration for a fair few years and today, a lunch time visit to my patch, Deeping Lakes, produced a flock of 42 newly arrived Arctic Terns. This is the biggest flock I have seen on the patch and pretty impressive, considering that only one bird was seen in the whole of the Peterborough area last year. 

After bird flu hitting the UK population so hard in recent years, I did wonder if I would ever see Arctic Tern at Deeping Lakes again- so this flock was an absolute treat and one of my patch highlights of the year so far!

Spring SEO

As spring unfolds, I typically cast my lenses towards my local Long-eared Owls. This year, however, my focus has shifted slightly- from the long to the short. The Short-eared Owls, usually a delight in our fens during the winter, have extended their stay into the warmth of May. 

Since mid-April, my regular visits to the local fens have become ritualistic in seeking out Short-eared Owls and I have been watching three individuals regularly. I have got to know them, like I do the local Long-eared Owls and it's been fantastic. These Owls, unlike their more reclusive relatives, are diurnal and provide ample opportunities for photography during the softer light of the golden hours at dusk.