Tuesday 5 July 2011

Farnes 3rd - 4th July 2011

A week off and a good weather forecast early on, meant a couple of days getting sun burnt on the Farnes was in order. Bad swell and mist meant the first day wasn't the most successful, but still resulted in 100's of photos and Matt seemingly getting island fever. The second day was better with landing on both islands and full sun and more island fever for Matt.

Everybody loves Puffins

May just be static shots of soft targets, but still great to get.
Perhaps I need to go back early on in the season to get more displaying shots?

Around the islands

Some of the sights from around the islands, including Grace Darling's Lighthouse.

Grey Seals

Always a crowd pleaser. Not sure the animals appreciate the constant disturbance, though they must be used to it by now...


Famously named after the band of the same name...


Past their best.

Arctic Terns

Great birds, full of attitude.

Arctic Tern attacks

The usual head bashing on Inner Farne was as entertaining as per usual.

Sandwich Terns

Last time I visited I didn't take a single shot of this species, which is surprising considering how few images I have in my library. I seemed to think they just didn't come close enough as they flew to their colony. I was completely wrong of course and this time spent a large amount of time taking photos as they flew in and out with fish.

Common Tern

Another species I ignored last time, due to how many I get around here. However, the photo opportunities on the Farnes are ace.

Tern fights

Although Arctic Terns were the most aggressive towards Humanoids, Common Terns were the most aggressive toward other Tern species. Unfortunately I never completely got the shots I was after but there is always next time.