Wednesday 16 April 2014

Scenes from Ontario February 2014

Towards the back end of 2013, Kev Du RoseGraham Catley and I began to make a return visit to northern Norway in early spring 2014. However, with news of a once in a life time event occurring state side our plans quickly changed and we spent the first ten days in frozen Ontario, Canada.

Winter Wildfowl selection, stateside

Many of the wildfowl were new to me, including Redhead and White-winged Scoter photographed below. The warm water around the Leslie Street spit powerstation kept ice free and attracted a lot of ducks but photography was difficult in continuous snow and with steam coming off the water.

And the Trumpets they go...

This family flock of Trumpeter Swans was present at Leslie Street Spit as well.

Long-tailed Ducks

Great birds- fantastic to these up close and personal once again.

First Owls

Our first morning was spent on Leslie Street Spit, Toronto. Unfortunately the weather closed in but not before we caught our first glimpses of these beautiful birds. The spit was a great site and thanks to John for guiding us around- a great introduction for me into Arctic Canada birding.

Hunting Owls

Juvenile female

This bird was great- very active and had a stunning plumage.

Perched Owls

Snowy Owl at Sunset

Not brilliant. Unfortunately we didn't see any awesome sunsets.