Sunday 21 May 2023

Spoonbill on patch

Deeping Lakes is one of the best places, locally, to catch up with Spoonbill. Baston Fen also seems to attract birds annually but they never seem to stick as long, not that birds hang around as long as this bird did usually. This second summer spent most of Saturday on East Pit and as usual for Spoonbill, sleeping. This bird great views during it's stay. Stunning birds.


Eyed Hawkmoth

Reward from helping my grandfather with his pond.

Avocet parent

An evening visit to Frampton Marsh RSPB, mid-week was bliss. Virtually no one there apart from Dad and I. Highlights were 2 Spoonbills and 3 Little Stints as well as the many pairs of Mediterranean Gulls. The mass death of Black-headed Gulls from avian flu was less pleasant to experience but numerous Avocet families was great to see.