Thursday 30 August 2018

Long-billed Dowitcher at Frampton

Having dipped on this adult Long-billed Dowitcher at Frampton last week, I was relieved by its reappearance on Tuesday. This evening I enjoyed brilliant views in it's favoured ditch all by myself- it was amazing that there were two rare American waders on site (I saw the Stilt Sandpiper again as well) and only two cars in the car park.

Friday 24 August 2018

Stilt Sandpiper at Frampton

This adult Stilt Sandpiper was found on Wednesday at Frampton Marsh RSPB so I made a quick dash after work. The light was poor and my photos, although okay were really just record shots. On Thursday I had a day off so joined the crowds for more of the same but in better light. Really tested my equipment, right at the edge of it's range.

The last one (and only one) I saw was in 2005 in Norfolk. This is only the third for Lincolnshire and the first since the 1960's!

Black-necked Grebe

As per usual Josh found something decent locally when he returned to south Lincs on Bird Fair weekend. This smart juvenile Black-necked Grebe was at Baston & Langtoft GP. Sadly it just never came close enough for decent photos.