Saturday 3 April 2021

American Herring Gull


I always say its unusual to get a double lifer day. Largely because it's fairly unusual for me to get any new species on my British list. Not because I'm some big lister you understand but just because I've seen enough that without some effort, it's hard to see anything new. Today, I hit a deer, saw a Mockingbird in Devon and an American Herring Gull in Cornwall. All new experiences for me! Some were better than others and the Gull is documented above!

More Yank Herring in Cornwall


Friday 2 April 2021

Hybrid Gadwall

Adult male hybrid ? x Gadwall at Deeping Lakes this afternoon. 

Patch Plover


Been a few years since I have seen a Grey Plover at Deeping Lakes LWT. Hardly seen any here ever before infact but today's bird was a welcome surprise, found by a visiting birder. Yellow Wagtails and a Little Ringed Plovers were great migrants as well.