Thursday 24 October 2013

From the archives No 2...

American Green Heron, Anglesey, November 2005

Monday 21 October 2013

Snow birds in Cornwall

Last year I was quite fortunate in my annual visit to Cornwall with 7 Red Rumped Swallows, 7 Glossy Ibis and a Paddyfield Warbler. This year our trip was less successful with Rosy Pastor, Dick's Pipit, Cirl Bunts and Glossy Ibis being the highlights (the latter both being on the way home!). However the company was outstanding and the weather was mostly rather nice. 

This Snow Bunting was my particular favourite. It was very tame, staying loyal to busy local dog walker route during our stay.

Great Snipe

I happened to be in the area the day after this bird's discovery. The conditions were far from ideal and the bird all though not at all shy, did prefer to feed under cover whilst I was there. So just a record shot I am afraid. My only new species I have added to my British list thus far in 2013....