Saturday 30 April 2022

More Goosandlings



Been a great spring for wader passage on my patch, Deeping Lakes but constantly gets out shined by Baston & Langtoft GP. It's a small site, so will never produce huge numbers but the past week has seen a pleasing number and variety pass through. Yesterday's pre-work visit produced a Wood Sandpiper and Whimbrel. The former is my first ever spring record at Deeping Lakes. Both, typically, only stayed for the early morning. 

Friday 29 April 2022


Last year we suspected Goosanders tried to breed on the Maxey cut but presumed failure, as no young were seen. On Thursday, ten tiny Goosander ducklings, or Goosandlings if you prefer, were found with their mother on the Maxey Cut! Fantastic! First proven breeding in the Deepings!

My friend Hugh Wright followed them as they travelled over 1.5 miles on Friday morning, as the mamma clearly knew a better feeding area! In the evening, I joined Hugh and his family and enjoyed fantastic views of these very cute babies.

Tuesday 26 April 2022

Sunday 10 April 2022

Great Egrets

A pair of Great White Egrets spent their afternoon at Deeping Lakes today. A welcome patch year tick. Others today included a Great-black backed Gull and Grey Partridge, bringing me to 96 this year. Amazing for such a small space!

Brown Owl

I have never had the opportunity to photograph a day flying Tawny Owl before. Nor have I have enjoyed such amazing views as of this individual. An early morning visit on Saturday produced amazing views; I was later today, due to work so the sun high in the sky wasn't ideal. Another early morning visit is in order, before the trees become too green.