Sunday 28 February 2021

Cause and Effect


I always think of Divers as being quite large. Indeed Great Northern Divers are quite hefty but Red-throated Divers are only just bigger than a Great-crested Grebe and yesterday this was demonstrated with a GCG approaching Arty. The Diver's response was to swim towards the bank and go as flat as possible. Thankfully, the Grebe passed with no dispute. 

Diver overload

More from yesterday evening at Crowland Bridge, Deeping Highbank. 

Saturday 27 February 2021

Doomed Diver?

Arty, the Red-throated Diver, is still hanging on at Deeping Highbank. It's become loyal to around Crowland Bridge, worryingly close to where most people fish. Also worrying, it's leg doesn't appear to have got any better and looks to be broken. Spending huge amounts of times snoozing next to the bank and often drifting rather than swimming, the future doesn't look particularly bright for this individual. As the last photo illustrates, I enjoyed a quality encounter and at times it approached me down to five metres or less. 

When the Red-throated Diver went into hunting mode, it's eye widened and was far more alert. However, it's leg is obviously causing it problems with some extreme splashing to get it under the water!

Saturday 13 February 2021

Red-throated Diver still

Despite not being in the best of health yesterday, the Diver was still present today. Still seemed to have problems with one of the feet but was diving plenty and caught a Ruffe whilst I watched it this afternoon. Presumably eats more under water. 

Shag on Deeping Highbank

 Good to see it in daylight today, sometimes in the same view as the Diver!

Tallington strikes


Josh Jones found a 1st winter female Ring-necked Duck at Tallington GP today. Only the third I have seen in the PBC area and the second in the  Deepings area. Certainly the weekend that keeps on giving. The 1st winter drake Scaup was still present and looking very adult like and smart. 

Friday 12 February 2021

More Otter


Beasts from the East

The cold weather from 'Storm Darcy has been producing a few coastal waders this week in the Deepings but today, after work, I enjoyed something of bonanza of coastal water birds found by others. A stunning Red-throated Diver found on the Highbank was followed by a Red-necked Grebe at Maxey GP and a Shag on the Highbank at dusk. 

Storm Darcy seemed to have taken it's toll on the Diver and Grebe didn't seem to be in the best of health. The Diver seemed to have something wrong with a foot, swimming lopsided and often holding it out the water and diving exaggeratedly, as well as closing it's eyes often. The Grebe was also quite sleepy and kept retching.