Sunday 31 March 2013


I remember as a child watching David Attenborough being attacked by a 'rogue' male Caper. I remember watching Birding with Bill Oddie and him missing them. Then in 2003 I finally saw some heads of some male Capers at the lek at Loch Garten. Subsequent viewings have been a repeat performance at Loch Garten and nearly being knocked off my feet by a female in Finland, while her young scattered. But never a rogue male... until now...

 I visited the bird briefly twice during our two day stay. Thankfully it was sunny on the second day. What a bird!

Famous Grouse

Plenty of Red Grouse were seen during our few days in Scotland.

Monday 25 March 2013

Otter swim

Didn't have much luck with the Otters today or yesterday. Good views yesterday of the 'pups' fighting though.

Black-bellied Dipper

This Black-bellied Dipper has been around all winter in Thetford. Yesterday we were lucky enough to get some pretty decent views. I saw the second, shyer bird that Pinky found, today.

Monday 18 March 2013

Otter encounter

I have always wanted to see Otters in Britain, having only seen one, briefly, running across a road in Spain. The Thetford Otters proved to much of a temptation so I joined up with Kev Du Rose and had some remarkable encounters with one individual.