Sunday 30 January 2022

First Otters of 2022

The Ferry Meadows Otters have become very popular, both with locals and from further afield. Amy and I enjoyed point blank views of the adult female and at least one of her young this afternoon. Fantastic to see so many people engaging with these great predators in a positive way, just a stone's throw from the city centre. 

Glossy Ibis on the Washes

Bound to become an annual visitor to the Peterborough area, with records for the past three years and pairs prospecting nest sites nearby as well. This Glossy Ibis was found last weekend by Chris Jones at March Farmers and despite the quick exit it made, was relocated in the week. Thankfully this attractive bird remained for Hugh and I this morning. This my fourth in the area. Most other records locally have, unsurprisingly, come from the Washes. 

Now Common Cranes!

Had a great morning at Eldernell this morning with Hugh Wright. Our main target was the Glossy Ibis found by Chris Jones at March Farmers last week. Thankfully it was still present, feeding under the trees of Lord's Holt. The main spectacle came from three hot air balloons, which flew across the washes and in doing disturbed the Swans and Cranes to the north, back onto the washes. This included a wonderful flock of 59 Cranes and a further 6 just in front of us. 

Super sight and sound!

Sunday 23 January 2022

Clifden Nonpareil


A great find by Hugh last October, in his garden. 

Another Humpback encounter

It seems incredible to think that if the stars align and luck is on your side, a visit to Shetland should connect with Whales. Orcas are fairly regular and late Autumn, early winter, is a good time for Humpbacks. This young animal performed well for us as we watched it from land for over two hours. Shetland is great for making memories.  

Saturday 22 January 2022

Drinking Siskins


Western Bonelli's

Found by Dan Pointon and his thermal imager, this was a lifer last Autumn. 

Purple Sandpiper

Purple Sandpiper- Shetland, 2021.

Wintering Ring Ouzel

Been a spell since I updated my blog. End of last year was pretty mad with work but will try and put a few photos from the Autumn on later this weekend. 

This drake Ring Ouzel was found by Paul Bolton just over a week ago at Star Pit and was a superb find indeed. Dogsthorpe Star Pit is fairly underwatched but has produced some great birds in the past, such as Green-winged Teal and Sabine's Gull but these days the pits is reedmace filled so the bushes are where the action is. 

Wintering Ring Ouzels are pretty rare and showy Ring Ouzels even rarer so a combination of the two was great to experience today. Easily the closest and best views of Ouzel I have ever had.