Sunday 12 July 2020


Yesterday morning Pops and I visited Howden Moors, just outside Sheffield. Sadly, we missed the Lammergeier and walk was horrific, though we didn't go all the way to the cliff where the bird roosted.

This morning Pinky and I visited and didn't enjoy the near two hour hike but at the end of it we enjoyed great views of the Vulture sat on the cliff. Eventually it took off and landed on a nearer rock to warm up in the sun giving outstanding views.

To the crowd's delight, the bird took off and flew directly towards us, disappearing behind a hill. Incredibly, it appeared from behind the hill and soared slowly, higher and higher, starting at eye level. At times the crowd were in the shadow of this enormous bird of prey. The joy and elation after an incredibly challenging walk was immense. An unforgettable experience.

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