Sunday 14 April 2024


It's been a remarkable 180 days since I first found this Glossy Ibis at Deeping Lakes LWT. A captivating presence, this elegant bird has been a popular draw for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts alike with it's striking bronze gloss and graceful demeanour.

Throughout it's stay, the Glossy Ibis has shown a preference for West Pit, offering wonderful views and memorable moments to those fortunate enough to witness it's beauty. However, this weekend brought a delightful surprise as the Glossy Ibis decided to explore the offerings of East pit, providing a new perspective and fresh excitement for admirers. 

As the seasons transition and nature prepares for the warmer months ahead, the Glossy Ibis has yet to moult into it's summer adult plumage, retaining it's distinctive bronze hues that have become synonymous with it's identity.

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