Friday 18 February 2022

Deeping Delights

Had a quick check of East Pit, Deeping Lakes LWT this evening before dusk. The wind was still very strong and made viewing difficult. A Bittern by the entrance was an instant surprise and only my third or fourth on the reserve (despite a site about four miles away having six nests last year!). Though it never came out into the open, it's cryptic camouflage and behaviour kept me entertained for forty minutes or so. It was in the most sheltered corner of the Pit but I'm not sure how much fun it was having being hit by reed stems constantly. 

A good number of Whoopers were already into the roost on arrival and I was surprised to find the Bewick's pair already in. This winter a flock of 200 or so Whoopers have been using East Pit as a roost site, which has attracted this pair of Bewick's. I probably have only seen Bewick's at DLLWT a handful of times and the last were probably over a decade ago so it's nice to have this regular pair this winter. 

With the strong winds today, will be interesting to see what is found, locally, tomorrow.

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