Tuesday 15 February 2022

I rather suspect this is the same individual, this time nearer High Locks. Saw it Sunday morning and this morning (where these shots are all from) and again this evening. It would appear I have found one of it's resting places and over the course of the weekend I have spent about five hours with this rather splendid animal. Have I got a shot I'm particularly pleased with? Not really. As ever with these inland animals, they tend to be very samey, or if they are a good pose and without reeds in the way, there tends to be some litter in the frame. 

However, as I am always banging on about on this blog and in real life; I absolutely love Otters and spending an amount of time with this particular creature has been very special. Getting to know it's places it hauls up with bigger fish, getting to understand it's favourite fishing spots and hiding spots; it's been an proper privilege. This stretch of the Welland isn't the best for photography but it certainly is a great place to enjoy watching these special animals. 

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