Thursday 5 October 2023

Arctic Warbler find

We resisted heading to Bressay for the White's Thrush this morning. Instead we headed to Levenwick. There were plenty of Blackcaps, more than in the past few days and Redwings were in; it felt like birds had arrived on the light winds. 

Walking up to Willal, a warbler up in the Sycamores of the first garden was distant but looked like a Greenish type warbler. I approached closer and after 10 minutes it revealed it was indeed a Greenish type but we hadn't seen the legs and the views were brief. Worse, I watched it fly up hill to a distant garden! We decided Greenish was mostly likely and put it out as such just in case anyone was passing.

Unsatisfied with the outcome, we continued to search and thankfully it was re-found up the hill, next to Midway Stores (where we had conveniently parked!) and eventually it gave itself up for good enough views to confirm it was in fact an Arctic!

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