Monday 23 October 2023

To the point...

Walked to the Spurn Point with Hugh Wright on Thursday. In the morning, there was plenty of Thurshes and Brambling piling in off the sea and we had a Black Redstart Ring Ouzel among other common migrants on the 'mainland'. 

On the walk down it was clear there were more Thrushes, Goldcrests and Robins down towards the Point and we had a cracking male Black Redstart as well as another female/1st winter type. A Short-eared Owl fresh in and a Merlin ploughing a migrant Song Thrush into a wire fence (and to it's death!) kept things interesting until we found this Yellow-browed Warbler. 

It was a very obliging, fearless bird and even stopped and preened in front of me at one point. Although perhaps not the rarest bird, it felt like a great reward among the mass of common migrants which included other scarcer migrants such as Barred Warbler and Mealy Redpoll. 

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